How can i wash my glute bands?
You can soak your band in warm water with soap. Lay out to dry. It is not recommended to do this often
My silicone printed logo ripped? Is that normal?
Yes. The silicone label will rip slightly with use.
What resistance should i purchase?
I suggest beginners always start out with my light/medium resistance, but you can use either resistance! It depends on what youre using the band for and your fitness level.
How many resistances do you offer?
Two. Light/medium, medium/heavy 
Is there a rubber grip interior on the inside?
Yes. There are 2 strips of rubber in the inside to prevent slipping and rolling. 
What is the bar pad used for?
The bar pad is intended to help take strain off your neck, and/or hips! It is most often used for hip thrusts and squats.
Can i return or exchange my items?
All items are final sale
Have a question about an item you ordered?